Wearable Technology

The externally worn transmitter (wearable antenna assembly (WAA)) is an electronic device used to power the stimulator.  The Freedom SCS System uses wireless technology to power the stimulator. Wireless power is sent from the WAA and through the skin to the Stimulator. The clinician uses a Bluetooth connection to program the WAA with your specific stimulation parameters and the stimulator only accepts power and parameter settings from a specific WAA.

Freedom Transmitter Specifications:
Amplitude: 0 to 25.4 mA (Total Current)
Pulse Width: 50 to 500 us
Frequency: 5 to 1500 Hz
User controls: power on/off
Amplitude settings: Increase amplitude in 0.1 mA increments.
Power indicator, Charging and Programming Indicator
Cycle Programs: select set of stimulation parameters pre-programmed by your clinician by pressing + and – at the same time