The Freedom Stimulator device is the smallest, most compact, lightest, microstimulator on the market, at only 0.20 cc, it fits through the lumen of a standard gauge needle for placement without surgery.

The Freedom system is used for a variety of chronic leg and back pain indications. Please consult your physician to see if you are a possible candidate.

Before a permanent Freedom System is prescribed to a patient, a trial system is first implanted. A trial receiver is implanted for a therapy evaluation; results will be reviewed at the end of the trial period to determine if the pain relief was satisfactory. Considerations before permanent implant may also include if the patient experiences any adverse events, difficulty operating the Wearable Antenna Assembly, paresthesia coverage, and pain relief.

The implanted receiver has small metal electrodes near the tip. An electrical field of energy is created when power is applied to the electrodes, which aids in blocking the pain signals. The implant receives energy wirelessly from the external Wearable Antenna Assembly.

The external Wearable Antenna Assembly will need to be charged daily and may last up to 24 hours on a single charge depending on the duty cycle. Two external units are provided to every user so that they can always have a fully charged system ready for use.

On average 4 hours, even if the battery is completely depleted.

No. Your wearable antenna assembly is not waterproof. Keep it dry to avoid damage. Do not use the stimulator when engaging in activities that might cause the stimulator to get wet, such as swimming or bathing.

No. A topical or subcutaneous anesthesia may be applied to the insertion site depending on physician’s choice.

Your system may be used 24 hours a day, please seek your clinician’s advice for treatment duration and dosage therapy.

Most physical activities are considered safe after the procedure. It is always advisable to talk with your specialist regarding exercise, hobbies, and work.

Most insurance companies and Medicare cover SCS & PNS procedures. Check with your provider to understand your financial responsibility.

Stimulation does not heal your body, rather it masks the pain signal to your brain. It may not cover all of your pain. The trial run is a time to evaluate if Freedom stimulation is of benefit to your condition.