Why Freedom? Stimwave Freedom SCS System and StimQ PNS System provide a safer approach to neuromodulation therapy, virtually eliminating the dangers associated with implanted batteries and having toxic materials in your body. Stimwave eliminates the need for costly extra surgeries to replace batteries that deplete, fail, or worse- post a danger to the patient (studies show up to 40% fail or cause harm and 100% need replacement at depletion). The Freedom System provides you with a true “freedom” from wires, cables, and implanted generators- and best of all- no unsightly scars. The Freedom-4 is the world’s smallest neurostimulator and can be safely used in full body MRI 1.5T and 3.0T scanner systems. Since the power source is external, more devices can be implanted to increase pain coverage  – all powered from just one, single external unit. The wearable system is water-resistant and robust for use in your daily routine. The external compact device incorporates easy-to-access buttons to change therapy intensity on the fly and can be recharged easily via a micro-USB, making Freedom the simplest and smallest neuromodulation solution.  Good things come in small packages!


Freedom SCS System

The Freedom SCS (Spinal Cord Stimulator) System is used to treat pain with placement of electrodes in the epidural space of the spinal column. SCS has been used for the relief of chronic back and leg pain for over 40 years. Now with Freedom SCS, the footprint of the implantable components are smaller than ever before (5% of the size of certain manufacturer bulky implants), and provides a totally wireless interface with no connectors to come lose, or endless loops of tubing, or a potentially dangerous implanted lithium battery, making the Freedom product safer and less invasive than legacy options. The stimulation energy at the electrodes intercepts the pain signals that are generated from nerves in and around your spine from traveling to your brain with an electric signal that functionally creates a pseudo “block” of the pain signal.

Before the device is implanted permanently, there is typically a trial implant period where you “test-drive” the stimulation to determine if it is effective for your pain relief. SCS is covered by most healthcare providers, so ask your doctor about wireless SCS, and bring Freedom back to your life today!

StimQ PNS System

The StimQ PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulator) System treats chronic pain by targeting the peripheral nerve causing the chronic pain directly. The device is inserted through a needle sized incision, and can be placed to stimulate any peripheral nerve below the neck. Like never before, working with your doctor,  pain relief can be achieved with a wireless miniature stimulator today!

In many cases, payors require a trial to be performed before the device is implanted permanently to determine if it is effective for your pain relief. Talk to your doctor today about wireless StimQ PNS and pinpoint your pain relief!

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