Susan’s Testimony

Patient Name: Susan Bauer
Age: 58
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Problem: Ongoing facial neuropathic pain accompanied by severe facial lesions
Physician: Dr. Castillo
Product: StimQ Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

Susan Bauer, a 58 year-old woman residing in Phoenix, had been suffering from severe neuropathic pain in her face for seven years. In addition, her face was covered with red, blistering lesions.

Susan is a kindergarten teacher. One day she noticed one of her students leaning back in his chair so that the front legs were off the floor. She approached him and told him to sit correctly with all four legs on the floor. The child tilted forward abruptly and one of the chair legs came down on Susan’s foot, breaking it. She had surgery on the foot and that is when her neuropathic/CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) problems began.

Susan’s suffering resisted every remedy her doctors tried, including stellate ganglion blocks, a medicine cabinet full of pain medications, ketamine, ketamine coma, cold laser and acupuncture treatments. Her facial pain remained an unrelenting 9 to 10 and she reports wanting to “rip her face off.”

Susan’s physician became aware of the Stimwave neuromodulation devices for the relief of chronic pain. In consultation with the company, Susan received a StimQ Peripheral Nervous

System stellate ganglion implant. She described the procedure as “a piece of cake,” experiencing only very mild incisional discomfort due to the device’s small size and ease of implantation through a regular hypodermic needle. Once the device was programmed – a 15 minute process — she experienced immediate relief of her facial pain.

Today she describes her facial pain as a “very bearable” 2 to 3 and her facial lesions have virtually disappeared with only a trace of redness remaining. She turns the device on only as needed and receives therapeutic relief within 5 minutes.