OC Patient’s Testimony

OC Patient

Age: 59
Hometown: Orange County, California
Problem: C3-C5 vertically crushed discs, L5-S1 crushed disc, third grade concussion with traumatic brain injury, massive feet injuries, partial paralysis
Physician: Dr. Standiford Helm
Product: Stimwave Freedom-8A Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) System

On February 5, 2012, OC Patient, a crane operator at a cargo port, suffered severe injury when mechanical failure caused the load he was hoisting to plummet to the ship. Sitting high up in the crane’s cab, he was shaken violently. As he describes it, “My cab was rocking like someone grabbed it and decided to shake the hell out of it. My head was snapping back and forth, my body was jerking back and forth, and I felt like someone snapped my back and neck.” As his co-workers helped him out of the cab and down the crane elevator, he “…felt like someone took a baseball bat to my legs and back. My head was splitting in two with a massive headache.”

He suffered from severe spinal, brain, and foot injuries as well as partial paralysis, balance issues, and unbearable back, leg and foot pain. The arches in his feet were completely destroyed and he lost all the muscles in his calves. He could barely walk or turn his head, and lost 45

percent of his mobility. He underwent numerous procedures to alleviate the pain, including the insertion of 10 screws and two rods, a titanium cage, L5-S1 vertebrae fusion, and 23 epidural injections. Nothing was successful in remedying the excruciating pain he felt throughout his body.

In November 2015, he had a successful trial of the Stimwave neuromodulation device for the relief of his injury-induced chronic pain. “The best thing about Stimwave is that it gave me relief from the pain and allowed me to get off the pain medications,” said the patient. “I wanted to get off all the pain medications.”

Today, while using the Stimwave device, he is down to a single 20 mg dose of oxycodone in the morning and he has regained a significant degree of mobility. He reports that until he had the Stimwave procedure, the pain was unrelenting.

“Stimwave saved my life. Without this amazing product, I would still be in terrible pain, on medication, and having my health fail. The new external wireless batteries are small, effective, and simple to use. I’m walking only with a cane now, and I know it’s only a matter of months before I am having my dream come true, playing golf again!”