I can finally sit down and enjoy dinner! I’d get it just so that I could sit down and enjoy time with my family. Before Stimwave, I could never sit for any length of time.


( Margate, FL )

Other Testimonials

I could feel a tremendous difference. I was walking better... People who haven’t seen in a long time will look at me and say “she looks so much better” because the strain of pain is out of my face!


( Cleveland, OH )

Stimwave and my doctor gave me my life back!


( Deerfield Beach, FL )

My pain levels reduced to a 1 or 2 out of 10. I am able to sit up, walk, go outside, and move around freely, none of which I was able to accomplish previously


( Tampa, FL )

The procedure was “a piece of cake”


( Phoenix, AZ )

The best thing about Stimwave is that it gave me relief from the pain and allowed me to get off the pain medications


( Orange County, CA )