Therapy Options

Freedom to Choose…

Discover a new freedom to choose the pathway for your patients. Stimwave offers a whole body pain relief solution that lets you, as the medical caregiver, decide the procedural paradigm that benefits your patients’ unique pain patterns. But only Stimwave offers a long-term neurostimulator implant that is needle-inserted. Learn about your therapy options below:

  1. SCS – Traditional Spinal Cord Stimulation through epidural, dorsal column needle insertion targeting sensory nerve fibers in the spinal cord levels from T7 to L5.
  2. DRG – Dorsal Root Ganglion targeted stimulation through epidural electrode placement. Entry via Transforaminal or Transgrade needle placement at levels from T7 to S1.
  3. PNS – Peripheral Nerve Stimulation, which allows you to pinpoint and needle-place the implant on or near the target nerve through which the pain signal travels.

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